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Virginia Estates is your experienced partner in finding your ideal Virginia riverfront property. Whether you are looking for an sprawling country estate with miles of river frontage or an idyllic tract of land to build your own river hideaway we can located it. Our Realtors decades of experience and consummate professionalism will directly lead to your satisfaction and confidence in your Virginia riverfront purchase.

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Virginia's extensive network of navigiable rivers and secondary tributaries provide an abundance of opportunity for both the home buyer and the potential builder to find their dream property.

Whether you are looking for a property alone the urban confines of the Richmond James or a rural retreat on the Rappahannock, Virginia Estates has Realtors with the experience and resources to guide your through the home or land buying process with confidence.

Life on the RiverSuch a life that beckons to a particular type. Whether as a home owner, or as a real estate investor, the riverside properties call out to a selective breed. Of equal parts discriminating buyer and organic inhabitant, they most assuredly are about something larger than themselves.

Ten Reasons to Own a Virginia River HomeA house on the riverfront of one of Virginia’s larger rivers is a home for the more selective inhabitants. While not without a challenge or two, if you are enthralled with the many charms of the valleys and the mountains that form the confines of Virginia’s rivers, a riverfront home is a home for you.
Top Ten Reasons to Own a Virginia River Home

What to Watch ForAs a scenic wonder, the Rivers of Virginia offer a peace and serenity unlike any other. The movements of the waves and the sounds of the water gently lapping the shore deliver an organic setting for any idyllic home site. But all this soul enriching beauty is not without cautions. And it is by facing these concerns head on that we may envision a home built to embrace the wonders of riverfront home site without fear.

River Buying GuideOwnership of a Virginia riverfront property is a lifelong dream for some. Most potential owners that dream this dream, are aware of the challenges, and have sought to manage the inherent risks by facing them head on and making their decisions accordingly.
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Among these rivers include:

James River

At 348 miles long, the James River is the 12th longest river in the United States that remains entirely within a single state. The river forms in the Appalachian Mountains near Iron Gate and flows into the Chesapeake Bay at Hampton Roads.

Potomac River

The Potomac River is Virginia’s most northerly waterway, defining the border between Maryland and Virginia. The Potomac provides its vast 300 mile+ region with a primary source of drinking water since the 1800s.

Rappahannock River

The Rappahannock River traverses the northern part of Virginia from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west to the Chesapeake Bay in the east. The river is also frequently noted for its oysters, as those that thrive in the estuary of the Rappahannock are the least salty on the East Coast.

Rivanna River

With tributaries originating in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the peaceful Rivanna River itself comes to fruition just northeast of Charlottesville in Albemarle County. Part of the watershed of the Chesapeake Bay via the James River, this 42.1-mile-long river is a source of drinking water for the Charlottesville area.

Rockfish River

Traversing central Virginia, the Rockfish River is a 28.7-mile-long tributary of the James River, via which it is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The confluence of the North and South Forks in Nelson County forms the Rockfish River.

Shenandoah River

A tributary of the Potomac River, the Shenandoah etches a scenic path through the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains through the Shenandoah Valley via two major forks, beginning in Rockingham County and flowing north-easterly until it meets the Potomac in Maryland.

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